Have you heard of The Magazine? It's a digital magazine that provides ten longish articles a month to subscribers. This month's issue features a long piece by Eli Sanders called "Ground Control."

Topics discussed in the article include:

• A trip to the "granddaddy of all drone-building competitions" in North Dakota.

• The fact that “You have to acknowledge in this day and age that stuff flies over your house.”

• Futuristic shooting sprees.

• A "university skybridge paid for by a potato farming magnate."

• What it is like to pilot a domestic drone. (Spoiler: It's fun.)

• The passionate argument against Seattle Police Department's drones, including the possibility that drones might record citizens “while [they're] naked, barbecuing!”

The Terminator.

You should give The Magazine a try, and read Eli's thoughtful and funny article. I guarantee you'll come away with a ton of new information about a technology that is fundamentally reshaping our ideas of privacy and safety.