April is almost beginning, which means the APRIL Festival is almost over. There are two events tonight, and both of them look like fun. First up, we have an APRIL Happy Hour reading at Vermillion starting at 5:30. This one is sponsored by PageBoy magazine, which is one of Seattle's best literary mags. Readers include Emily Beyer, Jennifer Burdette, Rachel Kessler and Greg Bem. The whole thing is hosted by PageBoy editor Thomas Walton. And it's free!

Then, at 8 pm, it'll be time for the APRIL Showcase at the Richard Hugo House. This is a reading featuring Matthew Rohrer*, Heather Christle** and Rauan Klassnik***. Christle is a rare talent, and every writer I've talked to this week has been giddy about the idea of attending a reading by Rauan Klassnik. This reading is $7, and it should be worth every penny.

To read about everything else going on tonight—including a celebrated Icelandic author reading at Elliott Bay Book Company—check out the readings calendar.

* Sample quote: "There is no one else for miles/and even those people far away are deaf and blind."

** Sample quote: "on the sidewalk/I’m watching a full-length/animation the trees made /w/ technical direction/from the sun"

*** Sample quote: "The back of his neck’s red, and badly wrinkled, and I want to touch it and make him young again./We sit down in the living room. And we talk about nothing"