It turns out that Seattle Seahawks defensive end Christopher Clemons thinks gay people ought to live in a locked closet. Clemons took to Twitter this week, as Towleroad and others have reported, to preemptively denounce the NFL player rumored to be coming out of the closet. Here's his Twitter feed:


Which led to fans questioning what the hell his problem was. So Clemons did what he does, play defense:


Clemons wanted everyone to know that he's not homophobic—he just thinks that gay players shouldn't be admitting that they're gay. Because that opinion isn't divisive at all. Clemons thinks that it's super reasonable for him to have a public love life with his ex-wife—who allegedly divorced Clemons after she reportedly claimed he "admitted to having casual sex with several women in 2009"—because straight people have that right even if it seems, you know, totally selfish. Here's the irony: The number one thing that makes coming out as gay in the NFL divisive is when prejudiced people like Clemons make it divisive.

So Clemons may not be a homophobe, exactly, but Clemons is a certifiable anti-gay bigot. He thinks that gay people need to live-a second class life and have second-class careers, one where they don't have relationships in public. He's also arguing that integrating teams would be so, so bad for American sports. Because as we know, dividing a team and creating a controversy is obviously the worst thing that can happen in sports—remember when Jackie Robinson divided his team and ruined baseball?