Meet the Free Seattle Times: It's like the Seattle Times, but it's free! Also, it never endorsed George W. Bush!

Inside Man: Slog correspondent Joseph Landau was inside the Supreme Court while the Prop 8 and DOMA arguments were being made. Here's his first report, and here's his second report.

Too Terrible To Even Think About: This headline: "Driver Who Hit Four Pedestrians Blew Nearly Three Times Over Legal Alcohol Limit, Say Prosecutors."

Who Could Have Predicted That a Football Player Would Say Something Dumb? Meet Christopher Clemons, the Seahawk who thinks that gay football players should stay in the closet.

What's Your Drone Refund Policy? Homeland Security apparently doesn't want the SPD's lightly used drones anymore.

Wait, He Makes How Much? What's it like to be a paid signature-gatherer?

Best Slog Headline of the Week: Is from Jen Graves: "I Went to A Big Spectacle and All I Got Was This Big Spectacle."

He's for Liberty and Shit Like That: Sam Bellomio, never change.

Well, You Can't Give It to Homeland Security, Apparently: Eli Sanders wants to know: What does Slog think he should do with his drone?

And Finally: Here, via Slog tipper Rich, was the best cheap laugh of the week.