I don't need to tell you any more about Verse Chapter Verse tonight, do I? Doors open at 5pm and the show will start promptly at 6pm. (If you're feeling a little less clubby, there's another nifty event at Elliott Bay Book Company that Adrian Ryan is excited about tonight, too.)


But tomorrow! Whoo-boy, tomorrow. The Hugo House is hosting the closing event of APRIL, the Small Press Expo, and you should definitely drop by. A ton of small presses and independent authors will sell books at the Hugo House. In my introductory piece about APRIL, I mentioned that the book sale part of Northwest Bookfest always felt unnecessary—why stop by to see a small selection of what local bookstores carry when you can go visit those bookstores any day of the week?

The APRIL Small Press Expo is essential because they've invited small presses from around the country to sell their books, and many of those books aren't carried in local bookstores or available on your favorite online or e-book retailers. If you look around for a while, you will find beautiful books this event that you can't find anywhere else. Also, all day long, there will be special performances from Housefire, SPLAB, The Furnace, Bushwick Book Club, and Breadline going on in the Hugo House's theater. This is the biggest, bestest event of the week and you should stop by. It runs from 11 am to 4 pm, and it's absolutely free.

To find out everything else that's going on tonight and this weekend—Pam Houston! The aforementioned Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore! Emily Kendal Frey!—visit the readings calendar.