This drone someone bought me.
  • E.S.
So, in the process of reporting this, I ended up with one of these.

Someday sooner than you probably expect, every American will be able to have one—a personal drone to fly around and act out his or her wishes.

Which, if you ask me, means our current drone debates are leaving out a hugely important question. You hear a lot of concerns being raised about overseas drone strikes, and plenty of angst about police department drone programs—all of which is great, and well warranted—but you don't hear many people asking:

What happens when average Americans can purchase their own flying proxies?

If you think gun control is a hard issue, imagine living in a country where every citizen has a right to buy a flying drone equipped with cameras and more. (Actually, don't worry about imagining. You already live in that country. It's just that personal drones are, at the moment, too expensive for most Americans to afford. It won't be that way for long.)

My exploration of this fast-approaching mess is linked above, but now that the story's all done there's a another question:

What do I do with this thing?

As far as I know, Slog has never had a drone at its disposal before. So the suggestion box is open in the comments below. Give me a mission, and I'll get back to you—same time, same place—on Monday.