...but you should probably keep an eye on China, just in case. Quartz explains what's so troubling about this newest mutation, which so far has claimed seven lives:

The most worrying part is that authorities don’t know how these people were infected. There’s no evidence so far that any of the patients interacted with each other, a sign that the bird flu hasn’t mutated into a virus that can jump between humans rather than just from animal to human–the basis for a global pandemic. Yet, most of the patients were not in close contact with birds (one woman was a poultry butcher and the woman in Anhui had some contact with live chickens.) Moreover, the mysterious illnesses are being disclosed within six weeks of over 16,000 carcasses of mysteriously killed pigs and 1,000 ducks floating in waterways near Shanghai and Sichuan province.

Go read the whole thing. And, to reiterate, please don't panic. Just keep yourself informed.

(This post provided the opportunity for me to dust off the long-comatose "SNOUTBREAK" tag. The archives for that tag make for an interesting look at the last time a global pandemic struck. If this bird flu spreads, hopefully we can learn from our Snoutbreak's mistakes.)