The humanity! Goya.
  • Courtesy of Davidson Galleries
  • The humanity! Goya.
Art Walk in Pioneer Square is tomorrow night.

You've got David Byrd at Greg Kucera.

Goya's Los Caprichos at Davidson.

The birds of Justin Gibbens at G. Gibson (with other artists, too, including Maija Fiebig and Joann Verburg).

Matt Sellars, fresh out of the desert, at Platform.

One of Sellars's carved wood pieces is called Hector Salamanca. I sincerely hope it's based on this Breaking Bad character. Elsewhere in the exhibition are carvings reminiscent of bleached and picked-clean bones, and a life-size shack with mysterious contents. Sellars writes in his artist statement that the desert is a "resource of emptiness" for "those who seek to occupy this void." Here's a detail from the shack/video installation:

Matt Sellars
  • Courtesy the artist and Platform Gallery
  • Matt Sellars