A&P: It stands for Art & Performance, it's Seattle's Only Arts Magazine™, and The Stranger is putting out the next issue on June 5—one that will tell you everything you need to enjoy this summer to the utmost, artwise. Plus, a full calendar of summer festivals.

The summer A&P will also contain profiles of the Most Fascinating People in Seattle Arts Right Now™, aka the 2013 Genius Award finalists. (You know—those awards where every fall since 2003, The Stranger has given a check for $5,000 and an obscene amount of attention to five artists in five disciplines. Also, cake—winners are notified via cake.)

If you didn't save a copy of the spring A&P, they're still out in special boxes on the street and in galleries and places like Vito's (which hosts great live jazz, as noted in Charles Mudede's A&P jazz calendar). And look: It's all here online for you, including ongoing calendars of what you should NOT be missing in Seattle arts RIGHT NOW. If you want to page through a PDF of the whole issue as it appeared in print, you can do that too.

Aaaaannnnddd, speaking of calendars, if you're a performer or arts organization that would like your summer events listed in the next A&P, info for events from June 5 through September 10 is due to us by May 1 at calendar@seattleaandp.com. Send it on over!