Jesus Christ:

A massive explosion at a fertilizer plant near Waco on Wednesday night injured dozens of people and sent flames shooting into the night sky, leaving the factory a smoldering ruin following a blast that damaged buildings for blocks in every direction...Tommy Muska, West's mayor, said at a news conference three hours after the explosion that he didn't yet know how many people had been injured or killed. He said buildings in a five-block radius from the plant were severely damaged by the explosion.

An emergency services director told a Texas CBS affiliate that authorities are preparing to "pronounce many people dead." A witness told the Waco Tribune that "every house within about four blocks is blown apart.” A school and an apartment complex caught fire, and firefighters have been injured.

Here's harrowing video from the scene:

This has been a terrible week. Can this week please be over? I would really like for this week to be over, now.