It's been less than a week since Brian Brown at the National Organization for Marriage announced the formation of the International Organization for Marriage.... and New Zealand has legalized same-sex marriage. France, Colombia, and IrelandIreland—are likely to be next. Keep up the good work, NOM & IOM. (In the video above: a conservative member of parliament gives a hilarious speech addressing the fears—and the NOM-style fear-mongering—of opponents of equality. Watch.)

After the vote in New Zealand the entire parliament broke into song. "Seconds after the New Zealand Parliament passed marriage equality this morning, hundreds of spectators in the gallery—and even several MPs—burst into harmonious song," writes blogger John Becker. "The tune they sang is
'Pokarekare Ana,' a love song in the language of New Zealand’s indigenous Māori people." The song is New Zealand's unofficial national anthem. Watch:

The woman receiving all hugs and flowers is the bill's sponsor, Louisa Wall, a lesbian member of New Zealand's parliament.

UPDATE: And this just in...

UPDATE 2: And Vietnam?