Night of Chaos, Morning of Ongoing Lockdown in Boston: One suspect is dead, one is still out there. An officer was killed. More background and images on suspects and victims from The Atlantic.

London's Marathon: Is Sunday.

Perhaps You Could Relocate to a Better Planet: Astronomers found some, two look possibly habitable.

Sudanese Soldiers Attack a Hospital: One doctor, one patient, and four nurses died.

Footballers Are Playing to Empty Stadiums: No-spectator policy ongoing in Egypt.

Boeing Layoffs: First wave of notices go out today.

How the New York Post Ruined My Life: Teen wrongly identified as bomber.

You Think It's a Nice Story, But Remember What Week We're In: Female sumatran tiger cub is born in Tacoma, unexpectedly. Yay! But her mother is "just not that interested" in rearing her. Ouch.

Lewis-McChord May Lose 8,000 Soldiers: How will it affect south Puget Sound?

Mariners Fan Hit by Link Train: Killed.

Calling Charles: Amanda Knox's memoir.

Inside the $10 Billion Sale of Arms from the US: To Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, and Israel.

Are Your Finances Sketchy?: Time to buy a house you can't afford again! Risky lending is back.

Another Vogue Blackface Editorial: Okay then.

Norway Is Not in the EU: But will it be? And how?

The Smithsonian: Facing cuts, closures.

Sesame Street and Jon Hamm: Explain sculpture.

Caroline Shaw Wins the Pulitzer for Music: Thought she was having a psychotic break when the news hit.

Here is a whoooole bunch of her music on her web site, and below is a video of a performance of her Passacaglia at Mass MoCA in 2009.