There's not much information coming out of the press conference going on in Watertown right now. Instead, officials are passing a lot of thanks around. Col. Alben says "We are so grateful to be here right now...we're exhausted, folks, but we have a victory here tonight." Alben is followed by Governor Deval Patrick, who says "there are still some questions remaining to be answered," but "we have a suspect in custody tonight."

US Attorney Carmen Ortiz warns the press: "Tonight, you're going to have many questions," but this is an ongoing and active investigation," and officials are going to have to "evaluate a tremendous amount of evidence" before they can announce their conclusions. Boston Mayor Tom Menino begins simply: "Thank you, thank you, thank you." He says that working together is "when government works the best."

Now Commissioner Davis is taking questions about what exactly happened. The press got it mostly right: A man left his house, after being inside all day, to notice that someone tampered with his boat. He saw what he thought was a body inside. He called police. The suspect engaged in gunfire with the police. The hostage team tried to negotiate with the suspect, but he was "noncommunicative." The suspect is in serious condition. "There's no report of explosives [with the suspect] at capture," Davis says. "I was not there when he was taken out of the boat."

A reporter asked about the rumors that the suspect hasn't been given his Miranda rights. Ortiz seems to imply that the rumors are true, saying this happens in federal investigations. "There is a public safety exemption in case there is an issue of national security," she says. And that's all for this press conference. Rumor has it that President Obama is about to address the nation, too, so I'll stay tuned.

UPDATE 7 PM: Here we go. President Obama says Bostonians responded with "resolve and determination" and law enforcement professionals acted with "professionalism and bravery." "They all worked as they should—as a team—and we are extremely grateful for that," President Obama says. "Obviously tonight, there are still many unanswered questions." We still don't know how young men "who grew up and studied here" can turn to such "senseless violence." We also don't know if they had assistance. "We will investigate any associations these terrorists may have had." He says the suspects "failed because we will not waver from the courage and the compassion" that "defines us as a country." He says being Americans means celebrating diversity, too. "It's important that we do this right...that's why we relentlessly gather the facts" and don't "rush to judgment," President Obama says.

President Obama lists the dead and says they were sharing "the great American experience." He also says "we've seen a tight-knit community in Texas" torn apart by an explosion, and he wants them to know that "they are not forgotten." "All in all, it's been a tough week," President Obama understates, but he assures us that we'll pull through as "one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."