The Boston Suspects Were Likely Working on Their Own: Says NPR, reporting that "the information [authorities have] gotten from Dzhokhar leads them to suspect—so far—that Tamerlan was the 'driving force' behind the bombings."

Where's Rahm Emmanuel When You Need Him? The New York Times frames Obama's inability to get the gun bill passed as part of a larger problem: He can't play hardball.

“There have been very few consequences for those that defeat the legislation, and that’s what allows the legislation to be defeated,” said former Senator Byron L. Dorgan, Democrat of North Dakota, who retired in 2011.

Seattle City Council Hammers Out Affordable Housing in SLU: As I said yesterday, they stood up to Vulcan to some degree, but they have a lot more work ahead of them.

New Violence in Iraq: "Clashes between security forces and anti-government protesters in northern Iraq have left at least 20 people dead and dozens injured," reports Al-Jazeera.

I Did Not Know That Area Elementary Schools Had "Isolation Booths": Also known as "padded safe rooms" and/or a "cool down room." One Marysville mom is pissed.

But What About Being Drunk on Power? After multiple DUI investigations of officers in the last year, retiring police chief Diaz decides to remind the cops not to drink and drive. "A memo sent to the entire police department reminded officers that the community's tolerance level for SPD employees driving drunk is 'very low,'" reports KOMO News.

Gender-Neutral Language in Washington's Laws: State senator Jeannie Kohl-Welles's bill to revise gendered language out of the state code is signed into law. "Dairymen, freshmen and even penmanship also will soon be things of the past," says the AP.

Tattoo Your Child for Safety: Okay, so they're temporary. I recommend microchipping your kids, anyway.

Have you seen this yet? Watch Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield wring out a wet towel in space! Or just watch his mustache be a great mustache.