1. Tonight at the Hugo House at 7 pm, there's an event called State of the Book Salon 3: Book Reviews in the Digital Age. This is a panel discussion with Mary Ann Gwinn of The Seattle Times, Shelf Awareness's Marilyn Dahl, and some turd named Paul Constant on the topic of book reviewing in an era in which most Americans would rather cut out their own tongues than read a book, let alone a book review. The panel is hosted by Garth Stein. I expect to see both of you who are interested in book reviews to be in the audience, you hear?

2. If you'd rather listen to authors talk than hear reviewers talk about reviewing books by authors, Granta magazine editor John Freeman will appear in a discussion with two of the authors his magazine selected as 2013's Best Young British Novelists at the Seattle Public Library. This event is free.

3. And Town Hall is hosting two interesting-looking events. The fictional one involves Isabel Allende, a beloved novelist who has written a whole lot of books. Maya’s Notebook, her newest, is a coming-of-age novel set in Chile. The factual one is a reading from Bill Carter, the author of Boom, Bust, Boom, who will discuss the problems with copper extraction, which is locally an issue with Pebble Mine. This is a major environmental issue.

4. Check the readings calendar for more details about everything that's going on tonight.