This Friday's short is “The Ghost of Gun Control,” another excellent New York Times Op-Doc by Drew Christie, a local animator, filmmaker, and Genius nominee. The short was inspired by Drew Christie’s interest in the terrible story of Sarah Winchester. This is the story: After the untimely deaths of her husband and child, Sarah began fearing that her gun-manufacturing family had been cursed and turned to a psychic in Boston for advice (this was in the early 1880s). The psychic confirmed her fears. There was indeed a curse on her family. The ghosts of the people who had been killed by Winchester rifles would kill her if she did not move west and build a house that perpetually confused them. Sarah moved west and began building this house, room after room, to keep the murderous ghosts away from her life. The construction only stopped with her death in 1922. Christie sees Sarah Winchester as a metaphor for American society today.

  • Drew Christie