IndieWire got an exclusive in an interview with Stranger Genius Lynn Shelton about the movie that might be the movie after the movie she's working on now.

An adaptation of Mishna Wolff's acclaimed and best-selling memoir "I'm Down," which appealed in part because of Shelton's connection to the material. "It's set in Seattle [Shelton's home]; the writer Mishna Wolff, grew up in Seattle as well, so it's about her navigating as a white girl in this black culture, and just as she's figured that out, she gets plucked out and put into a different setting, with these very erudite white people, trying to navigate these two worlds. It's all about identity, it's so fantastic. I'm ten years older than her, but I was bussed in from the white neighborhood to the black neighborhood, so I felt a great affinity to the material. She wrote this memoir a few years ago, and then got into the Sundance Labs to turn it into a script, but ended up having a family. So it took a long time, but finally about a year ago, they felt it was in good enough shape, and brought it to me, and we've been rewriting and rewriting, and we're just about ready to start going out to actors. So maybe that'll be my next project [after 'Laggies']"

I'm excited to see Laggies, but I think I'm even more excited to see I'm Down. Seattle is always so awkward about race that this movie could be a (hilarious) way to jump-start a much-needed conversation.