Brendan Kiley's review of Black Watch won't be on Slog until tomorrow, and won't be in print until Wednesday, but here's the Stranger Suggest preview for Black Watch, and I just snuck a peek at Brendan's review, and this paragraph makes me very much want to see it:

It is an intimate show, and the cavernous Paramount Theater has reduced its seating capacity from 3,000 to 419 for the occasion. The audience sits on the stage, just feet away from 10 tightly wound actors who spring from a Scottish barroom to Iraqi battlefields and back again. During one transition, soldiers are birthed from the inside of a pool table, cutting its red felt open from below with a long blade and standing back-to-back on its top with long guns in hand, nervously scanning the audience.

The two-for-the-price-of-one tickets for Tuesday's and Wednesday's shows are available online and at the box office up until showtime with no password needed, according to Seattle Theater Group public relations manager Antonio Hicks.

I'm going tomorrow night.