In response to this statement in my drinking column...

I have to be honest, I'm one of the few lovers of wine who never sticks his nose into a wine glass. In my thinking, sniffing is fine for a dog or a cat or any animal that still finds olfactory information meaningful, but not for a human. We long ago traded the senses of the nose for the glory of tricolor vision.

...two members of the band Friends and Family, Alex McCauley and Nathaniel Elliot Tanner Rogers, wrote:
[We] ate at a pitch black restaurant recently. Part of the gimmick is the idea that without vision you can taste and smell the food better. I think we all found that out it was the opposite—without the visual cues it was much more difficult to make out what we were eating.
I do not have the ability to dissociate eating in the dark with the punishment of confinement in a cell with no light.