I don't know if I can suggest that you go read this whole Thomas Friedman editorial for the New York Times, but this paragraph feels like a nicely encapsulated description of the world in which we live, especially the bit that I bolded:

If you are self-motivated, wow, this world is tailored for you. The boundaries are all gone. But if you’re not self-motivated, this world will be a challenge because the walls, ceilings and floors that protected people are also disappearing. That is what I mean when I say “it is a 401(k) world.” Government will do less for you. Companies will do less for you. Unions can do less for you. There will be fewer limits, but also fewer guarantees. Your specific contribution will define your specific benefits much more. Just showing up will not cut it.

The problem is, not every "self-motivated" person can succeed. That's just basic math. And all of us will have at one point during our lives a time in which we can't be "self-motivated," be it through illness or catastrophe or just plain bad luck. That's what May Day should be about, not smashing windows or fake "real life superheroes" who think they deserve public attention because of their dumb wardrobe choices. May Day should be about treating the most vulnerable with dignity and respect, because we're not just a bunch of animals.