This celebratory issue is on newsstands now, with all kinds of recipes using "this centuries-old culinary herb, some of which are intended to provide the user with noticeable effects, while others simply make use of cannabis in the same manner we might use thyme or marjoram"—including pot pesto, herb-roasted root vegetables, pot-roasted chicken in a pot, and more.

And look—here's the recipe for Killer Brownies, as depicted above, with "cinnamon, bourbon and espresso powder [that] helps elevate the bittersweet notes of the chocolate while adding layers of flavor that help to hide the taste of cannabutter." Oh, you need a cannabutter recipe, too? There's a good one in the issue (on sale all over the place today), and here's one from the awesome Maria Hines (Tilth, Golden Beetle, Agrodolce).

Regarding cannabis butter, Edible Seattle editor Jill Lightner says: "From my own recent experiences, I can say that grinding it fine is KEY. I got lazy with one batch and I made cannagrossbrownsludge instead of cannabutter... the main thing is the fine grinding, like dust/powder."