There's something different about this rally, taking place right now outside Seattle Central, says Brendan Kiley, who's been covering May Day protests all day. He just called Stranger HQ from the scene at Central and says: "It seems that if something were to pop off this May Day, it will be happening shortly. And if anyone wants to see that, they should come to Seattle Central right now."

The scene, he reports, is around 150 to 200 people, "lots of cops, lots of people in masks," and people making speeches, with claims like "all government is an act of genocide" (that's a quote), some general down-with-capitalism rhetoric, and other "themes that sound anarchist." It "looks like they’re getting ready for black bloc action," he says. "It's definitely taking a sharp and hard left turn from the march earlier today."

UPDATE 7:23PM (Goldy): The situation is "getting tense," Brendan reports from 8th & Pike as a loud and rowdy crowd was heading west. His sense is that is something is going to happen it's going to happen soon. More as (if) it develops.