Washington's Warmest Weekend of the Year: Starting today.

Maryland Hangs the Death Penalty: Maryland is now the 18th state to abolish capital punishment.

We've All Heard of DEET, but Have You Heard of SUPER DEET? No? Well, It probably doesn't exist. But Imidacloprid, the most common insecticide in the world, is devastating non-pest insect populations of dragonflies, snails, and countless other water-based insects. A team of Dutch scientists recommends that the poison is banned worldwide.

But Luckily: A team of glass-half-full scientists have designed some robotic bugs to replace all the ones Imidacloprid kills.

May Day Misdemeanors: Six people have been charged so far.

Just Give Him Back, Kim: The US has asked North Korea to return Mr. Kenneth Bae—who was sentence to 15-years of hard labor—back to Lynwood, where he belongs.

Suicide Bombings on July 4: The FBI says that was the Boston Marathon bombers original plan for their attack, but they switched to the Boston Marathon after their bombs were completed more quickly than expected.

Excessive Speed and Alcohol: Officials suspect those may have been factors in last night's terrible car accident on an I-5 off-ramp, which killed one and injured five.

Awwww: Look at this new clouded leopard cub who recently usurped the throne-of-cuteness at Point Defiance Zoo.

Things Aren't Getting Better for Bangladesh: The death toll for the Bangladesh factory collapse just topped 500. Meanwhile, some fear that there will be a mass-exodus of apparel producers from the country, devastating its fragile economy.