David Stein Is David Cole, the Jewish Holocaust Revisionist


This is like the Log Cabin Republicans. Why, why, why? Dan was asked about them once and I think he said something to the effect that they are plagued by a sense of self-hatred. Fascinating indeed.

And it's amazing that, in this day and age, anyone, but particularly a public figure, can trade skins mid-career without anybody noticing. Did he not have friends, social contacts that asked him why the hell he was going by a different last name now?

And one lesson: Don't be a big-mouth idiot! Keep your secret to yourself! (Unless it's killing you...) The bigger the secret, the less you can trust it to someone else.
This has all the trappings of an open secret. Everybody in his circle of friends knew. They are denying it now to try to save their reputations.
@2 Yep. Especially since he said that his views haven't changed.

The other "hilarious" thing is that, given all the screeching from people on the right about Obama's tangential contact with Bill Ayers, you'd hope someone in the media would pick up on Republicans palling around with raging racists, but I guess that's not newsworthy.
On first glance, I read the headline as "David Stern is David Cole, ...".

What's strange is that I had only the slightest of double-takes before realizing that this had nothing to do with the NBA.
@2, yup. And, as always, it's not the repugnant beliefs that are most indicative, but all the others that didn't care. Republicans are cockroaches.
Not entirely new in the history of projected self-hate. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Daniel_Burr…
What I don't get about Holocaust revisionists (vs. Holocaust deniers) is: who fucking cares? I mean, why does it even make a difference that "only" four million Jews died in the camps vs. six million? And how does it make the Nazis look better to claim that they switched from genocide to slave labor in 1943? What is the use of making these arguments except to be a troll?
N in Seattle @4. My God, I had the exact same initial reaction. David Stern? NBA commissioner? What? There was, like, a second or two of agitation, and then I just forgot about it. Kinda like waking up after a vivid dream.

As for David Cole/Stein, this dude is clear evidence that Holocaust revisionism is a symptom of a delusional personality disorder. If there had been no Holocaust, this type of person would simply have found something else: One World Government, the Freemasons, Area 51, you name it.
"Mr. Burns? No, I'm Mr... Snrub. Yes, Mr. Snrub, that will do."
@7 Great comment.

I'm in Serbia and you have people discussing whether Srebrenica was REALLY a genocide because they didn't kill enough women or that the teenagers found in mass graves with their hands tied were vulnerable to be conscripted as child soldiers so fair game.

What morbid hairs to split and to what end??