Pulled over by Middlefield, Ohio police for running a stop sign on March 10, James Gilkerson emerged from his car with an AK-47 blazing, firing 37 rounds at the cruiser before being shot dead by the officers. The two officers amazingly escaped with only minor injuries.

The recently released dash-cam video is nothing short of shocking, so be forewarned: DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SEE VIDEO OF A MAN BEING SHOT TO DEATH! Also, do not watch this if you do not want to see video of a man unloading 37 rounds directly at the camera.

Honestly. I don't want to hear anybody yelling at me about posting this video. I've warned you. I've even put it after the jump. You don't have to watch. SO DON'T WATCH THIS!

So why post this video? Because when Second Amendment advocates talk about their right to arm themselves against an oppressive government, this is exactly the sort of scenario their paranoid fantasy imagines. Police say they found eight 40-round magazines in Gilkerson's car, along with militia and terrorist literature. This is what it means to take up arms against your government. And ironically, facing off against a couple of small-town police officers who thought they were making a routine traffic stop, it was the AK-47-toting Gilkerson who ended up dead.

Dismiss this as the isolated act of a lone crazy, if you want. And yeah, Gilkerson's actions were certainly crazy. But his actions were also consistent with the sort of blind, anti-government rage that the NRA types are constantly stoking.