How to Get 70 Guys to Show Up at a Frozen Yogurt Shop in Two Easy Steps


There's something a little sociopathic about dicking around with people over social media in the name of 'experimentation.' (I don't think it's a coincidence that one of the go-to defenses if you act like an ass online and get called on it is to go 'Uh, it was just an experiment, and you fell for it! Ha ha ha!'). Then again, there are lots of little sociopathic things in social media, so okay.
BYU? Repeat this experiment with a fake gay guy profile, wait for several hundred guys to drop by the froyo.
Come for the humiliating exposure of your loneliness, stay for the FroYo!
@2, I thought the same thing with the ending comment about how he'd rather "go outside and play volleyball in shorts".
I wonder how many of them bought froyo?
@3: I don't think anyone who showed up ought to be humiliated by this; they did nothing wrong. If anything, the shame should lie with Mr. Bagley and company for dicking everyone around.
Echoing @1's sentiment: I guess deliberately wasting people's time with humiliating little pranks is okay if you call it a " social media experiment." Because science.
And the scientific lesson is clear: lonely people are beneath contempt.
There's gotta be some way to make money off this.

There is. It's called pimping, and it ain't easy.
People often accuse online dating services of behaving unethically and using fake profiles. Tinder actually admits that they do this.
Looks like the "experimenters" initiated all the contacts, too. The article mentions that so many had to have "liked her back". This doesn't reveal some deep depravity in anyone but the assholes that set up the fake.

Yep, exactly. Bagley and co. initiated contact and sent out the invites. The 70 guys responded to invites sent over a social media service designed to hook up based on low-detail profiles.

But ha ha ha! Fuck THOSE guys. Real human beings meet all their chicks while playing volleyball in shorts at the beach. Only desperate losers use the internet.
There seems to be a lot of shaming involved with online stuff now days. Some of it cheered if not a little uneasy with someone like that catch a predator guy. Then there are things like the Manti teo story where he was 'catfished' and potentially had a sports career damaged.

It reminds me of early grade school when someone would get teased for having a crush. It is ok to admit you like someone, it is ok to try and meet new people but Bagley and friends seem stuck in 4th grade and intent on embarrassing people because of their very basic human desires. Social experiment? How about sociopathic behavior.
there's no way in hell this actually happened. 99% of people on dating sites are married flakes
@9 for the win!