Hot enough for you? After the nicest May weekend in forever, Seattle is forecast to hit 84 degrees this afternoon. Sunny and mid to upper 70s the rest of the week.

Too sad for commentary. Five women died in a limousine fire on the San Mateo-Hayward Bridge in Foster City, California. The dead included a newly wed bride and her close friends. Four other women escaped, two with serious burns.

Don't tell Senator McCain. As fun as it might be to send in the cruise missiles, a top UN investigator suggests that the chemical weapons detected in Syria may have been used by the rebels.

Oh to be a political reporter in New York State. New York State Senator John Sampson, a former Democratic caucus leader, has been taken into custody by the FBI following a public corruption investigation. Sampson is only the latest of a string New York State legislators to be accused of corruption.

Who are we to judge? Folks in Kentucky are angry that outsiders would use the tragic shooting death of a two-year-old girl at the hands of her five-year-old brother as an opportunity to criticize the culture of a state where parents put "My First Rifle" in the hands of five-year-olds.

Red card. A Utah soccer referee has died from injuries suffered when a 17-year-old recreational league player allegedly punched him in the head after being issued a yellow card.

Well, at least he wasn't legally drunk. Police near Woodland, Washington say they where led on a high speed chase by a 14-year-old boy who reportedly stole his mother's car because he was bored. The kid, whose blood alcohol level reportedly registered .06 percent—just below the .08 limit—allegedly drove as fast as 115 mph before police blew out his tires with spike strips. Police say the boy then continued to drive for another 13 miles until first the tires and then the metal wheels of the car were ground down to the point where it could no longer move.

And some people suffer from shy bladder. A couple was arrested at a Capitol Hill nightclub over the weekend after having sex in a bathroom and then assaulting a security guard.

Turns out my infant rearing techniques weren't so disgusting after all. A Swedish study has found that parents who clean off their baby's pacifiers in their own mouths help strengthen their child's immune system by training it to fend off adult bacteria. So no apologies from me for pre-masticating my daughter's food when she was a baby.