The Verge says:

It's been long rumored that Amazon is working on a phone, but according to a new Wall Street Journal report, that phone may have a 3D display...Some sources have said users would be able to navigate through content with their eyes, and eye tracking could also improve the 3D effect, allowing the phone to tell where users are looking and refocus in response, rather than having a single "correct" viewing angle.

Anyone seen any 3D phones in the wild around South Lake Union? This seems like a weird way for Amazon to jump into the smartphone business, unless that 3D tech is really something transformative. Of course, this kind of reporting often has a touch of truth to it, in the form of prototypes being handed around that never get released to the public. But evidence is mounting that Amazon is going to come out with its own smartphone this year. Whether that smartphone has a 3D display or not is something we might not know until we see the thing in Jeff Bezos's hand at the launch press conference.