Good Thing He Didn't Use A Gun: In Port Angeles, authorities say an irate neighbor decided to express his anger using a bulldozer—not a "killdozer," thankfully. Four homes, a pickup truck, and power lines were reportedly damaged, but nobody was hurt. Dude was arrested.

Ariel Castro Could Face the Death Penalty: Prosecutors may seek the death penalty against the man who allegedly locked up three girls in the basement and abused them for years on end, even though the mother of one of the victims says she's forgiven him.

Hegemony Over Afghanistan: Afghan President Hamid Karzai, who's been receiving fat bundles of cash from the CIA, says the US can keep its nine military bases in the country even after troops withdraw in 2014.

Seattle's Thin Blue Line: When Seattle police fatally shot a 21-year-old Native American in February, none of the eight officers there had turned on their dashboard cameras, so SPD says there is no video of the incident. Meanwhile, officer Chris Hairston is seeking to block the release of video allegedly showing him assaulting a handcuffed suspect.

Fox News is Left-Wing Propaganda: That's what Tea Partiers think, anyway. So, they say, boycott FOX News. Thanks, Tea Party.

Boo on Boeing: The company is eliminating 1,500 IT jobs in Seattle over the next three years, moving some of them to Missouri and South Carolina. Now that's what I call loyalty to local workers and the regional economy!

And In Case You Missed It: Guatemala convicted its own former president—trained and backed by the United States—on genocide charges yesterday, setting a worldwide precedent. The court will reconvene on Monday to "establish reparations for victims of genocide and crimes against humanity."

The righteousness train rumbles on: