Volunteer Park Even More Awesome Now: A gaggle of happy kids cut the ribbon on a new playground installed at the park. Woo!

Anti-Capitalist Town Thrives in Spain: Unemployment is at a record high of 27% in Spain, except in one town where it's not an issue. The mayor abolished the police and appropriates food from supermarkets. "We are beating the recession better than elsewhere, thanks to our co-operatives," he says.

The Global South Will Dominate Economic Growth: The World Bank says developing economies, particularly in East Asia and Latin America, will control half the world's capital by 2030, up from less than a third today.

China's Rich Buying Up Eastside Real-Estate: Speaking of which, more wealthy folks from East Asia are buying up mansions and the like around Bellevue.

The Poor Are Not Objects: These two stories go together—a powerful op-ed by a former humanitarian aid worker in Haiti, and a story about a Harvard research team's treatment of Palestinian refugees.

Cleaning Up the Duwamish River: A new report says the EPA should provide options to residents who can no longer fish for food in the heavily-polluted river. The report also warns against increasing gentrification in South Seattle.

Scary, Part I: Speaking of toxins, the FBI raided a Spokane apartment on Saturday in an investigation of allegedly threatening letters laced with ricin mailed to a federal judge and post office.

Scary, Part II: A Boise man was arrested on terrorism charges this week. The government says he provided a "instructional shopping trips" on how to make explosive devices and was in possession of a "hollow hand grenade."

"Am I weird to dance alone late at night?" Get down to this: