This news has been circling the internet for the last few days:

For those ticket buyers who feel that the trailers are the best part of their filmgoing experience, here's some bad news. According to THR, the National Association of Theater Owners (a.k.a. NATO, but not that NATO) have come up with new guidelines that will limit the length of movie trailers to two minutes. The current industry norm is for trailers to clock in at two minutes and 30 seconds.

I am one of those people who enjoys trailers as an integral part of the whole moviegoing experience. But I'm kind of ambivalent about this news. I think movie trailers could be treated as an art form independent of the movie. But as it is right now, 99% of the trailers I see feel slapped together by an automatic trailer-making program, so 20 percent less of each shitty trailer might wind up being a good thing. And you?