Turkish Summer: Protests that began in Istanbul, home to Europe's largest police force, have spread to other cities and continue into their third day. This analysis says the Western media framing of Islamism vs. secularism "couldn't be further from the truth," echoing Charles' point yesterday. A Greenpeace staffer says his office is treating the injured, but police keep throwing tear gas canisters at them. Police reportedly withdrew from Gezi Park last night. Here's a clip of protesters braving water cannons and breaking through the police line.

No Drones In Pierce County: Perhaps following Seattle's lead, the county council is considering banning the use of drones without warrants by law enforcement.

Lobbyists Getting Away With Shit: What else is new? Many Washington lobbyist expense reports don't comply with the so-called "Morton Rule," named for a former Senator who wanted his constituents to know exactly how much lobbyists spent treating him to dinner. The state's Public Disclosure Commission admits it hasn't fully performed its watchdog role.

Julian Assange Enjoys Crushing Bastards: The WikiLeaks founder rips Google and the US government a new one in the New York Times.

This Makes A Ton of Sense: Republican lawmakers in North Carolina want to add special taxes to the purchase of hybrid and electric cars.

Quadriplegic Sues Seattle Police: A lawsuit by Channary Hor says the crash that cost her the use of her legs never should have happened. Officers shouldn't have chased their car at high speeds over a park curfew violation, the suit alleges.

Brazilian Indigenous Group Occupies Land: Police say they've been attacked with bows and arrows. The tribe occupied a parcel of land which belongs to a local politician, was evicted, but re-took the area.

First Public Atheist Monument Erected: In a small, heavily Christian town in Florida across from the Ten Commandments outside a courthouse.

Immigration Reform's Impacts on Washington: Would be huge.

FIFA Finally Cracks Down on Racism: This took way too long. Soccer (football, actually) teams can now be relegated or expelled for racist incidents.

Shingeki no Kyojin is the most gripping anime I've watched in years. Its cheerful opening song goes with just about anything: