12-Year-Old Shot Dead by Cousin


Have a little goddamn sympathy, my gosh.
when i was twelve, my cousin and i played with each other's weiners. not guns.
In lighter news, a gun accidentally goes off in someone's hand when he pulls the trigger at a gun show and 10 people are injured, with no dead children.
@1: "One death is a tragedy, a thousand deaths is a statistic." - Josef Stalin

Goldy, you are a disgusting ghoul.
Could be worse. Could have been an actress from the Walking Dead or the Vampire Diaries.

They're insane.

But the fact that children keep killing themselves and other children, while the pro-gun manufacturing zealots ignore all these tragic daily occurrences because they don't fit into their "guns are good - ALWAYS" worldview ISN'T ghoulish?
It's time for another episode of EVERYONE'S favorite game show

Today's winning picks are:

Gun nuts!
Thee Olde Seconde Amendmente!
Assault weapons!
Apples and oranges!
You just do not care about X dead Y's!
Tautological tautologies!
Picking cherries!
I don't want to ban all guns but ... !
The NRA!

Beat a straw man for big bonus points!
@7: Actually, it's more ghoulish to use every gun tragedy to advance an agenda.
@9 Not if that agenda is reducing the number of gun tragedies.

The gun industry and the NRA are promoting the message that keeping a gun in your house or on your person for personal safety makes you and your family safer. And I am simply calling attention to the many, many examples of how that is untrue.

I'd prefer not to have to do these posts, but it's no more ghoulish than the tactics of anti-smoking and safe-driving campaigns. And if that's what it takes, that's what it takes.
1 & 5: The sympathy here is for the victim, and the potential future victims. When the NRA is all about more guns, and that all law-abiding gun owners are responsible people, it's valuable to look at the flip side.

People make mistakes with guns, and kids die. We cannot deny that. So, what can we do to mitigate this?
What can we do to mitigate this? We can work to create a different gun culture in this country, one where guns are kept locked up when not in the immediate possession of sober, law-abiding adults.

Almost every one of these needless tragedies has been caused by careless and/or foolish gun-owners who leave their firearms laying around, ready to fall into the wrong hands.

If Nancy Lanza had kept her firearms locked up, her son Adam would not have had such easy access to take them and kill all those schoolchildren in Newtown. Same sad story can be told about most of the other tragic killings.

Keep Your Guns Locked Up!!!!!
"The gun industry and the NRA are promoting the message that keeping a gun in your house or on your person for personal safety makes you and your family safer."

You are the only one claiming that a gun makes you "safer".
And even you are only doing it "sarcastically" so that you can beat that straw man.

As has been pointed out to you previously:
"There is a difference between arguing the blanket statement that guns make us safer and arguing that guns can be used to defend one's self against death, serious bodily harm or tyranny."

But no matter how many times that is pointed out to you you will continue to ignore it.
Oh please, eyeroll at f.u. for the bullshit post of the day.

Remember a few months ago when I noted that the magazine published by the NRA included, at the very front, a column noting all the latest letters written in by gun owners claiming they used their gun to thwart a crime, hence keeping they and their family safe.

Sure sounds like the NRA is pushing that agenda.

Coupled with all the gun owners that need a gun to feel safe- that didn't come from nowhere.

Go peddle your bullshit somewhere else, f.u.
Yes David you care soooo much about gun safety that you publish an article with a cartoon of children pointing firearms at themselves and eachother. Way to show safe firearms handeling.

Let's not forget that the "evil" NRA has been teaching gun safety for around 150 years.

Anyway Guns certainly made this resident safer:

Brad Nance, 41, of Tupelo, was shot and killed early this morning while in the backyard of a house on Springdale Drive in Tupelo.
Police say the homeowner was acting in self defense when he shot Nance who police say the homeowner did not know or recognize.

And this man:
Early Sunday morning, an alleged intruder was shot to death at a Warner Robins home.

That's according to a news release from the Warner Robins Police Department.

Ronald Lewis Burnett, 36, was found by officers unconscious and lying on the ground outside the house at 205 Thomas Boulevard.


And p.s., as someone else noted, that NRA magazine column is basically the Penthouse Forum of gun porn for gun nuts.

And likely just as truthful.
Those are not letters they are news articles linked to a source, but reading comprehension and logical thinking have never been your strong points.
And nobody has to sit here and feel powerless and depressed. Do something:



The NRA has been failing at teaching gun safety for 150 years. That right there is all the proof we need that guns don't make you safer. And education isn't a fix for the real problem of gun accidents, gun suicide, or gun theft by criminals. The problem is the guns themselves, and the solution is to get rid of the problem.

Or consider abject failure the NRA's "Eddie Eagle" program for kids -- it actually makes kids more likely to pick up a gun and pull the trigger.

Failure is a teacher, Five Large. Failure is a teacher.

Oh hey look you are spouting uneducated bullshit about a subject you know nothing about again, suprise suprise.

Tell us more about how guns are baaaaadddd and we need to get rid of them.

Who is going to be confiscating them from the citizens? Certainly not a sniviling coward like yourself, like all colectivist you will want someone else to do your dangerous dirtywork you fascist piece of shit.
It appears the Tupelo man was a drunk neighbor who stumbled into the wrong yard.
Capital offense.
@13 & @15, You guys should compare notes. It looks like at least one of you has gone off-script.
"Oh hey look you are spouting uneducated bullshit about a subject you know nothing about again, suprise suprise."

Well, that's certainly never stopped YOU from shooting your ignorant mouth off time and again, C.B.

"Tell us more about how guns are baaaaadddd and we need to get rid of them."

Which is entirely the point of posts like this. Or would you care to argue that these unfortunate, and completely avoidable tragedies are just something we have to accept, because, you know - FREEDOMZ!

"Who is going to be confiscating them from the citizens? Certainly not a sniviling (sic) coward like yourself, like all colectivist (sic) you will want someone else to do your dangerous dirtywork (sic) you fascist piece of shit."

And seriously, you're going to call @19 a collectivist AND a fascist in the same sentence? You DO realize that from a philosophical and political perspective they're polar opposites of each other, yes? Meaning, it's literally impossible to be both at the same time, yes? From which we may conclude that as usual you are once again spouting uneducated bullshit about a subject you know nothing about.

And the great circle keeps on spinning...
The teabagger I work with thinks gun safety means always having a gun that is easily accessible in every room of his house and carrying one at all times. Like most gun owners he has no clue about real gun safety. He just knows the guys at the gun shop say Obama is coming for the guns and he better buy all he can as fast as he can. Then he wonders why he cant afford gas for his F 350 he drives 40 miles to work each way. And now wants to apply for welfare and an ebt card because he pissed all his cash away on guns he doesnt need and cant sell for half what he paid lol.
@15: funny, i look at that 1st story and think the gun made him into a trigger-happy manslaughterer whose fear has been stoked by sensationalized tales of "home invasions" that rarely happen. he's going to have nightmares & guilt the rest of his life for killing a drunk.

"he advanced on me!" "think what might have happened to my PROPERTY!" "i had 2 children in the home!" whatever you say, patriot. case dismissed.

i wager rock salt would have worked just as well.


Or maybe a simple: "Go home neighbor - you're DRUNK!"
Hey, what's wrong with learning martial arts, if you're that concerned about your personal safety? Wouldn't that be better, really and truly taking responsibility for your own safety and having to put forth the time and effort to learn an actual skill, rather than just picking up a piece of deadly hardware so that you can fling hot lead at anyone who scares you (and who might turn out to be just a, you know, drunk neighbor)?

I mean, if you train your body to be the defensive weapon you feel you need, wouldn't that be a lot safer for any kids you may happen to live with? Kinda hard for a toddler to judo-chop itself accidentally with daddy's hand, y'know?

Guns: the go-to choice of the lazy AND fearful.

You fail to realize that fascism involves one trading his liberty to the state for the common good based along a strong racial or national identity. Now this may not be Alexander Bergman's voluntarist horizontal collectivism (which I am ok with) but it is a form of collectivism all the same. It is like saying that fascism and communism are "polar opposites" when the fact is that both result in a totalitarian soul crushing centralized state.

Yes because we should live in a world where the strong can easily dominate the week. The old, frail, and small should be physically dominated by others because they are unable to effectively fight hand to hand.

Practical shooting is a martial art, perhaps the most effective. There is nothing wrong with learning a hand to hand martial art, I have some training in American Boxing, Kenpo, and police combatives. However The handgun or carbine is far more effective if I have to face a larger, meaner, better trained, armed or multiple attackers. Personally it sounds like you have never had to be in a fight.
Bacon, a major reason that people learn martial arts in the first place is because they are NOT so strong, and they still need to live safely in the world. It's the very reason that women take karate classes, so they can take an active role in their own personal safety against male attackers who are bigger and stronger than they are. FYI, Bruce Lee wasn't a great big dude.

You are, once again, yet once again, spouting off about things you KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. You're not fooling anybody, dude.

You are lazy AND fearful. You ARE the problem.
NEWS FLASH: In other news, 100 million innocent people were murdered by socialist and communist governments that first took their gun rights away, before they slaughtered them. Also, the same international central bankers that caused most of this mayhem (lending money to govts in order to collect the interest) are still in control of the world.

You do know your world history, do you not?
There is no substitute for situational awarness and avoiding the fight in the first place. But saying martial arts taught from some stip mall sensai will match firearms training is not only stupid, but dangerously insane.
How did Bruce Lee die?

Like I said before it sounds like you don't have much real world fighting experience.
@32 Watch, out guys, CB is gonna tell us just how deadly he is!

How many unarmed black kids have you killed today, CB?
@Bacon: No, those NRA gun-porn posts are as luridly written as possible (just like Penthouse Forum posts) to make guns look great.

Do note the backstory behind the guy murdering another guy merely for being in his backyard. Another gun nut murdering someone solely for being drunk, confused, and lost.

According to Penthou-, er, the NRA gun porn, it was a brave citizen protecting his castle from scary and possibly armed intruders. It always is, according to the NRA.

Yet the truth is often different, as we are seeing. And the truth includes innocent people being killed, often for doing nothing wrong.

Take, for example, this story that just came out- a gun nut with an anger-management problem shot his neighbor, fired some more random shots around the neighborhood, then drove away and killed himself.

There's one that's not gonna appear in the NRA gun porn column. There's no way to paint that awful tragedy with the 'guns make us safer' paintbrush, the paintbrush spattered in the blood of innocent people.

Here's the story:

I'm so glad Goldy posts about the other common ways kids are killed way more often than guns, like medical mistakes and swimming pools.

Oh wait...
@35 Please look up 'false equivalency'.

When you have finished, please look up all the laws, building codes, municipal regulations, and other safety measures enacted to protect kids (and adults) from the dangers of medical mistakes, swimming pools, cars, motorcycles, airplanes, toys, foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, and other things that are far more regulated than guns.

Then ask yourself if it's just far too much work to apply some smart regulations, codes, laws, and safety measures to gun ownership as well.

Then just go punch yourself in the goddamn face for being so goddamn stupid.
@36 are the 18,000+ gun laws already on the books not enough for your fascist ass?

Gun control: It's not about guns, it's about control.
@37 Eighteen thousand? Really? Citation, please.

Followed by your best effort st an explanation of Why They Aren't Fuckin' Working. You will be graded on spelling and grammar.
Hmph. Looks like you flunked spelling and grammar.
Oh so you don’t like the way that the blurbs related to news articles are written.

I guess I would be correct in inferring that you dislike the first amendment as much as the second, and we all know how your dear leader and president feels about the fourth and fifth.

Looks like you are a typical little filthy fucking civil rights denying fascist.

Try that label on for size because it looks like it fits.

Really? You got all that from just me pointing out the truth of one of your gun-porn snuff stories?

Man, you are wack. Tell us again how we are to differentiate between the mythical 'good-guys-with-guns' and the kooks with anger management problems, a shaky grasp of reality, and an inferiority complex.

So that we can predict which kooks with guns are gonna go postal and slaughter innocent people some day.
The only thing ghoulish about these posts are the irrational gun humpers telling us how we should be looking the other way, you know, out of respect (for their precious bang bang freedom sticks).