British Drunk Driving PSA


That's the work of Chicago-based ad giant Leo Burnett's London office.
That's mean.
We're Americans, we don't need no stinking PSA about drinking and driving.
Someone needs to make a PSA about not giving people heart attacks for the sake of a PSA.
@4 I'm pretty sure those were actors and there was a director, some special effects guy and an editor.

No actual pub drinkers were harmed in the making of that PSA.
@5: Shit, I knew something was coming and I still almost jumped out of my skin so I'm thinking 4 was talking about him or herself.
Drink driving is waay more acceptable here than in Britain, possibly because of this stuff, but also because people live closer together, nearer to things and there are many other alternatives to driving drunk.
It's a great ad, but as @7 points out, PSAs, draconian laws and public shaming don't keep drunks off the road a tenth as well as good mass transit does.
They should try the passive-aggressive Seattle tactic of writing "PLEASE Don't Drink and Drive" on the highway signs.

Coz, ya know, we did say 'please,' after all.
@9 I wonder if the drunk driving rates would be lower if we just *told* people not to drive drunk. Instead of begging them not to, "Pleeeeeeeeeaaaase...", we should just tell them flat out: "Don't."
Now drunks will never wash their hands after using the toilet in a bar again.
It's interesting how different areas in the US have different attitudes about drunk driving. In Seattle, drunk driving is generally frowned upon socially and Seattleites will typically have a DD or help their drunk friends find other methods of transport if it's convenient at the end of the night.

Down here in LA though.. Damn. It's damn near expected that you're going to be driving drunk, mostly because people live all over the place (carpooling is rarely an option) and everywhere you want to converge for a night is also far away and the only way to get there is driving.