He resigned in disgrace from the New Yorker. His last publisher stopped selling his books because they contained made-up quotes and other problems. So, naturally, he gets another chance:

Jonah Lehrer, the best-selling author who has acknowledged using fake quotes and had two books pulled, has reached agreement on a new book.

Simon & Schuster announced Thursday that it will publish a book by Lehrer with the working title "The Book of Love." No publication date has been set.

I mean, why not, right? It's not like there are any other writers out there worthy of publishing a book. And who better to write a "meditation on and exploration of love through different prisms" than Jonah Lehrer? Soon, he'll be back on track as the Second Coming of Malcolm Gladwell, dishing out platitudes to middle managers in exchange for ridiculously high public speaking fees. It'll be like all those scandals never happened.

Or not: Slate's Daniel Engber has read Lehrer's book proposal, and he's discovered that

There are moments in the proposal...where Lehrer’s language seems caught in a cycle of reappropriation and re-use. A chapter on the secret to having a happy marriage, for example, comes close to copying a recent essay on the same subject by Adam Gopnik, Lehrer’s one-time colleague at The New Yorker.

Go read the whole piece. Whenever Lehrer's book comes out—if it even comes out at all—there are going to be armies of writers going over every single line with a magnifying glass. Let's see how many chances publishers are willing to give this guy.