Jonah Lehrer Signs a Book Deal


Obviously, something else is going on. As usual, the Onion nails it:…
There's actually some precedent for this. Did you know that almost nothing in Alice in Wonderland happened as it was reported?
Well Paul, I happen to think that soon enough Lehrer will be back as a sort of Malcolm Gladwell, dishing out platitudes to middle managers. Almost like the scandal never happened.
I'd be amused to read his chapter on Self-Love and how it can delude us and cloud our thinking.
I can't wait until he really lets go and starts writing thinly disguised Twilight fanfic.

Exactly. Lehrer is a first rate douche, but publishers have figured out that they can make some money off his version of bullshit. Douches need one of their kind to inspire them, rite?