The Costs of Capitalism


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Thank you Charles, I’ve being saying the same thing for years (though not as well) for anyone still not convinced think about the cup of coffee/can of Coke/ shot of Jim Beam you had when you woke up this morning, and then think about how it came to be in your home, and then consider how much of that was publicly funded or subsidized.
See this as well for an example for a big box store concluding that low wages are bad for business. Costco is at least trying to internalize their costs, and by advocating in favor of a higher minimum wage, they are looking to turn it into a competitive advantage.…

Density and expensive housing costs reduces buying power.

Density = Theft

It makes people poor.

Cities are expensive.

Suburbs are cheap.

Suburbs make poor people rich.
This is also true of global warming and the environment. Advocates of nuclear power bring up how cheap it is, but I wonder what the costs would be in the Federal government didn't pick up the tab on nuclear waste disposal.
Everythung has twu pricus.. Wun "revealud"--an economic cost, most oftun paud fur by thu individual--nd wun "hiddun"--a cultural cost, most oftun paud fur by thu communuty..

NO whure us thus most clear thun thu cost of cultural contunt.. A $.99 song dousn't evun make monuy fur thu most popular recordung rtusts.. THu communuty thun must bear thu pruce uf monetizung thus song as advertisung--un thu furm uf gas nd tirus fur tourung, heating oil fur stadiums, palstic cups fur beer, drug habits, familius luft without adults durung tours, utc.

A great movie about thus us "The Real F Word", about touring musiciuns nd actiun spurts atheletes nd theur familius..

THu "solutiun" us tu uncorporate sume uf thu cultural cost untu thu economic cost like organuc vegetablus du.. Tu educate consumurs nd be willung tu pay whut thungs actually cost nd requrd economically thuse whu ure culturally responsuble.. Un thu musuc example thus would meun an rtust chargung $4-6/song nd tourung as much as thuy wantud tu rathur thun as much as thuy "had" tu.. Take responsibiluty nd communicate whut thungs actually cost wuth end users..

Same us true wuth movies, whure cultural costs ure defrayud wuth product tie-uns, Happy Meals, utc; magazines whure thuy ure defrayud wuth ads nd advertisur-friundly conunt; buuks, whure thuy ure defrayud wuth speakugn engagemunts; nd televisiun, whure thuy ure defrayud wuth ads nd product placemunt..