Two Life Coaches Commit Suicide Together


I saw this story and thought "this has Mudede written all over it"

I heard that the first person Boztepe called was Mudede.
"My wife is in too much pain." Psychological pain, or physical pain that they couldn't afford the treatments for?

Frequently my first thought when someone commits suicide is to wonder about medical problems.
I bet their last words sounded hilarious. Sadly.
I read this yesterday. That is a very, very, weird story. Unless there is whole bunch of private information we just don't know about an illness or something I'd be pretty suspicious about this if I was a family member.
@ 5, why? Couples do commit suicide together, usually when facing financial ruin, they're middle aged, and have no children (and sometimes other close relatives).

It needs to be investigated thoroughly, but this isn't how the typical murder/suicide plays out.
@6 Well, I don't what the ME has found or what the evidence at the scene is that ruled it not a crime scene, but I do know unless there is pressure from family members apparent suicides are not really much investigated at all. Particular in a city like New York where the case load is very high. I wish I didn't know this. But I do from experience. Of course this is all absurd internet speculation. Two people are just as dead so it may not matter much to anybody either way.

And if it is a murder-suicide, the responsible party is dead. So, what difference does it make in a law-and-order sense?
Certainly there is more detail in the notes that would sort this whole thing out, but I understand the quest for privacy. Still, absent speculation and detail, it makes a huge difference to me when the couple sitting together holding hands on the couch are 50 years old or are 85 years old. To me, and from personal experience from my teenage years, suicide is a bad thing "almost always"...

So now are they Death Coaches too?

Why did they have a canister of helium handy? Were they possibly addicted to huffing it?
People should have ample access to medical and mental health care to address their problems, and society should have safety nets so that financial troubles don't lead to suicide.

But, if a couple doesn't have minor children and they honestly want to die together, I may try to dissuade them but in the end it is their choice
I like to believe that they found happiness and decided that this was the logical next step. I am curious about what the note said.
"The pursuit of happiness" may not have been a creative name for their show, but certainly a revealing one. Pursuit is by definition not attainment.
Nothing good ever, ever accompanies the phrase "common-law wife." I don't know why that is, but it's true.
@11 Helium does not get you high in any way. Technical divers (SCUBA divers who go deeper than you can safely dive on regular air) breath high concentrations of helium to AVOID nitrogen narcosis and oxygen toxicity.

Therefore...clowns gone frown. It's the only possible explanation.
Two con-artists dead.