After mounting public pressure, the geniuses behind Facebook have finally changed their user policy to reflect that breast cancer survivors who take photos of their mastectomy scars and post them online probably aren't perverts. Progress! In fact, has the story:

Facebook has announced an update to its policy on images related to breast cancer, after 20,000 people signed a petition pressuring the social media giant to stop removing photos of mastectomies. Breast cancer advocates argue that Facebook’s policy has previously been too vague—allowing images depicting breast cancer scars to be frequently categorized as “pornography”—and see the company’s updated announcement as an important victory.

We agree that undergoing a mastectomy is a life-changing experience, and that it’s important to share photos to raise awareness of breast cancer and support the men and women who are facing diagnosis, undergoing treatment, or living with the scars of cancer,” Facebook’s new policy on mastectomy photos states. “The vast majority of these kinds of photos are compliant with our policies. However, photos with fully exposed breasts, particularly if they’re unaffected by surgery, do violate Facebook’s Terms.”

I suppose that means that if you've only a single mastectomy, colloquially known as a winker*, then maybe put a sticker on your surviving nipple or something.

The tallest of hat tips for Mr. Paul Constant.

*I made that up but it sure has a ring to it, doesn't it?