In this moment of angst over all the scary things that Congressional fine print ends up enabling, here's some new Congressional fine print—championed by Washington Senator Maria Cantwell—that could be great:

Cantwell’s Pulse School Pilot provision would provide the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) $10 million through 2017 to purchase pulse crops [that is, American-grown peas, lentils and chickpeas] to use in school breakfasts and lunches.

This could include raw beans and lentils as well as foods made from pulse crops, such as hummus. Flours made from pulse crops could also be added to breads, tortillas and pastas to enhance their nutritional value.

In further food shrewdness, Cantwell notes: "Washington state is the top chickpea producer in the nation—producing nearly half of the nation’s total—and third in the nation for pea and lentil production."

More chickpea jobs in Washington + more tax revenue for state government + healthier lunches in our public schools = DELICIOUS. The Senate just passed Cantwell's measure as part of the Farm Bill. Next up, the House...