I got an e-mail yesterday from a conservative I know who asked if I thought the NSA spying was okay now that President Obama has done it. And of course it isn't. It was wrong when Bush did it, and it's just as wrong now. Do I think we'd be in a better place if we elected Mitt Romney or a third party candidate in 2012? Of course not. Do I think Barack Obama is evil? Nope. But I think this decision to spy on everyone is evil. It is not something I want my government to do, no matter who's in charge. The conservative accepted my answer. It was a civil conversation. And I would love to see someone—preferably Sean Hannity himself—enter into a similar conversation about this damning video:

Look, Fitzgerald was right. I appreciate that adults can (and often should) hold two disparate ideas in their mind at the same time. I accept that humans are imperfect and simply cannot reasonably be expected to adhere to one single, unifying philosophy for their whole lives (unless they're incredibly pedantic). We're all hypocrites. But the two sides of Sean Hannity in this video represents a broken mind.