Paramount announced a test program for select theaters in Pennsylvania, California, Texas, and Georgia: For $50, you can buy a "mega ticket" to World War Z. According to JoBlo, a mega ticket involves:

-One (1) adult admission ticket to the 6/19 advance 3D show of World War Z
-One (1) HD digital copy of movie when available*
-One (1) pair of World War Z collector's custom 3D glasses**
-One (1) official limited-edition movie poster
-One (1) small popcorn

I like the idea of bundling a downloadable digital copy of the movie with the price of a ticket, but the rest of this—the advance screening, the poster, the custom 3D glasses—doesn't really interest me. And I can't believe they're not throwing a soda in with the small popcorn. But how about you?