Happy Father's Day! A grandfather accidentally shot his grandson on Father's Day, because America!

Good morning, Megan! Multiple reports have the NHL moving the Phoenix Coyotes to Seattle for the 2013-2014 season if the Glendale, Arizona city council doesn't come to terms on an arena subsidy deal by July 2.

Bad morning. A 16-year-old Victoria BC boy was killed in Snohomish County when he fell into oncoming traffic during a charity bike ride.

No doubt just a cultural misunderstanding. Russian President Vladimir Putin vehemently denies stealing New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft's Super Bowl ring. Other things Putin denies stealing: elections.

A blow to our freedom to deny brown people their freedom. The US Supreme Court has thrown out an Arizona law that required applicants to provide proof of citizenship before registering to vote via "motor voter" forms.

So help me God. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that a Christian man can sue the state of Oklahoma over the Native American artwork on the state’s license plate. Pastor Keith Cressman argues that his religious freedom has been violated because the plates "might imply his approval of contrary beliefs." Welcome to my world, Pastor Cressman.

In God we trust. Fifty years after the US Supreme Court banned prayer in public schools, our schools are more religious than ever.

Timber! In the third largest forestry acquisition in North America, Federal Way based Weyerhaeuser will acquire Longview Timber and its 645,000 acres of Washington and Oregon timberland for $2.65 billion.

Alki Seattle. New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is following Seattle's lead in implementing a citywide food waste recycling program.

Don't do this. An Alaska man was mauled by a bear after feeding it barbecued meat at a church picnic. State Troopers say "he'd been drinking." Presumedly the man, not the bear. But this is Alaska, so who knows?

Worried about climate change yet? A fifth alligator has been sighted in Long Island's Peconic River.

And finally, Miss Utah explains why women are paid less than men: