1. Sandi Doughton reads at the Central Library tonight. Doughton says it's time to FREAK THE HELL OUT in her new book Full-Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest. It's all about the Cascadia subduction zone and how we're overdue for The Big One. You know you want to go to this reading, if just to appease your inner sadist. I reviewed this book not long ago and found it to be a real page-turner.

2. If you're looking for something a little less realistic, Hugo House is hosting a reading titled Girls on Fire. Press materials promise: "Poets Kelly Davio, Jeannine Hall Gailey, Rebecca Loudon, and Tiffany Midge read from new work inspired by fire, fever, apocalypses, and heat." Sold!

3. Dan Smith reads at University Book Store tonight. Monkey Mind is a memoir, but it's not about a surgical mishap involving a monkey and a human switching brains. Instead, it's about anxiety, which is plenty interesting on its own.

4. The readings calendar will tell you about everything else going on tonight.