Up Shit's Creek: An investigation by Seattle Public Utilities has confirmed human fecal contamination of Thornton Creek, Victory Heights Blog reports. Next week, the SPU scientist behind the study will hold a community meeting in northeast Seattle to discuss. The source of the shit has yet to be determined.

Alleged Kidsnatcher in White Center: After a parent fought off a tall, skinny man who tried to abduct her three-year-old child, police say the same suspect may have tried to enter the room of a one-year-old child, White Center Blog reports.

Bodacious Bird Blogger Gets His Props: Not that it really matters, but I've been linking to Union Bay Watch's photoblogging of a bald eagle family since I first started these news roundups. So it's cool to see Larry Hubbell, the dude behind the blog, get a front-page splash in the Seattle Times. Via Montlaker.

Fuck Yeah, Honkfest! A festival of street bands—"part of a global renaissance of community street band culture providing music by the people for the people"—called Honk!fest goes down this weekend. WalleyHood has the details.

Do You "Hoot for the Hood?" This entails meeting penguins and exploring a bamboo forest reserve, apparently, at Woodland Park Zoo. The event is tonight, Phinneywood reports.

Removing Gang Shrines: A Rainier Valley Post reader complains that Seattle police aren't removing "so-called memorials" in the street to deceased gang members. A few days after her post, neighbors got rid of the shrine. That's some dehumanizing bullshit.

Keira Knightley Filming Movie in Seattle: A poor man's Natalie Portman (thanks, Callan) has been spotted in Madison Park, making a movie about "a woman stuck in permanent adolescence [who] lies to her fiancé about going on a retreat and spends the time hanging out with friends instead." Sounds riveting.