Seattle's Scarecrow Video is one of the most beloved video stores on earth, and tomorrow night, they commence what I hope will become a new tradition: On-site movie screenings complete with on-site beer. From the official press release:

[W]e cleared about 18,500 VHS tapes out of a back room and knocked down a wall to open it to the rest of the store. Then we turned to our Roosevelt neighbors at Definitive Audio for advice. With their help, we outfitted the room with a large HD television and top-notch sound equipment and transformed it into a comfortable space to sit and watch a movie. At show time we’ll pull heavy curtains over the windows, press play, and commune with fellow fans of cinema.

The premiere offering: Michael Bay's notorious Bad Boys II, which will be introduced by Scarecrow employees/filmy smartypants Matt Lynch and Kevin Clarke. The official word:

The inaugural event speaks to our love of passionate film discussion (and sometimes contentious debate) coupled with the summer movie season’s apparent joy in blowing up as much stuff as possible. We're showing the pinnacle of action movie monstrosities, Michael Bay's Bad Boys II—a film loaded with guns, explosions, and nasty violence with a casual disregard for human life and a world view that might charitably be called sociopathic. Hosts Matt Lynch and Kevin Clarke will discuss just what's so appealing about 25 years of bad vibes from action cinema rolled up into one big fat ball and hurled straight at the audience, and how something so silly and mean-spirited could also be so much fun.

Bad Boys II screens tomorrow night at 8 pm at Scarecrow Video, 5030 Roosevelt Way NE.