The Stranger Should Praise More


Apparently, this person never read "Nice Job Whatshertits."
Be awed by -- and then praise -- how quickly Slog commenters turn on you, Mia.
I like this new series of Helpful Unsolcited Advice From Readers. Also, I love the Stranger just the way it is. XO
Focus, people. Are we complaining about the Stranger being what it is, or commenters being who they are? I haven't got time to weigh in on both, I am such a busy person.
Wait, I thought only the Suburbanites and the Elitists complained about The Stranger, out of envy?
I know this is totally an ad hominem attack, but I tune out the moment anyone says they appreciate an astrology column.
hat tip to sllotd: fake!

written by MRA. (change one letter in Mia)
I agree.

I try to model my comments after the Stranger - 80% (if not more) focused on whining, bitching and snark. The rest of it I go for sweet, helpful and funny. Plus, there's plenty of other websites and blogs which have those numbers reversed, thank the Lord!
It's just easier to churn out content that tears things down -- it writes itself usually. Folly, is after all, the human condition. You can expose the folly of the human condition in a scathing, cutting way that still ultimately conveys a positive, constructive message. Problem is, it's really hard. Louis C.K. can do it, because he gives a shit, and takes the time to try.

The Genius Awards were created specifically because it was universally agreed that The Stranger was all negative, all the time and everyone was sick of it.

But if you're no Louis C.K., and you're not writing a Genius Award nomination, and you've got pages to fill, then what choice do you have? Write like a dick is your choice. Folly.
@7: Yep. Women wouldn't phrase it as "offensive". Thanks, "Mia", for suggesting that women be more passive and that these essential fantasy responses to being hollabacked, harassed, and followed by creepers are somehow ruining society more than the douchebag guys.

Thanks for the "advice". No, really.
I thought The Stranger needed to me more negative
#9 Yes.
Sounds to me like "Mia" is the one trying to cultivate a paranoid audience, with stories of women being stabbed by homeless people for daring to engage one like a human being. "Don't engage people on the street, they'll just stab you if you stop walking and turn in their direction!"
@9: Similarly, it's easier for these letter-writers to write about how mean The Stranger is than not be a dick to others. Some systems need to be torn down, and being "negative" towards hostile persons is natural.
If the snark was actually insightful, it might come off better, but man....everyone I talk to seems to agree that the Stranger has gone DOWNHILL. Bratty 21-year olds who know jack shit about jack shit, complaining.
The Stranger has been backing off its criticism of The Seattle Times lately, Mia.

I guess ignoring its irresponsible journalism can be interpreted by some as a compliment.
I have to agree that lazy snark is taking over The Stranger and most of the internet. I blame Jezebel.
People who constantly bitch about The Stranger & Slog, but can't stay away from it.
Has Mia been in a coma the entire time that you guys have been covering the Genius Awards?
@2 You made the same response I would have, but better and faster. Bravo!
I'm with @18. And yet here you are.

Look, people read looking for a point of view. If all you want is information, go read Wikipedia. I don't know any decent news outlet that doesn't have a POV. The Stranger's is certainly more pronounced (but at least they are honest about it unlike the Times).

Yes, The Stranger is an-in-your-face source of news but most of us don't want it any other way. You can certainly have your own opinion about what you think/do in re: their situational items but don't tell them how to write.
But seriously, how is gushing praise and inertia not inherently more lazy and conservative than dissatisfaction with anything?
The Stranger has been this way forever. "We are better than you, and therefore whatever you like sucks shit." It annoys me often. But that's the way it is. So deal with it. And write a letter once in a while to keep 'em in check. I've done it, too. :)
@10.. yup.

Oh, if you're feeling small and
you can't draw a crowd,
draw dicks on the wall.
@24 you meant @9.
Learn to count and read.
I have in my hand an object which gives me access to the accumulated knowledge and wisdom of humanity. I use it to send pictures of kittehs and get in arguments with strangers.
I've long suspected that the average Stranger staffer/reader was on the same intellectual level as Fox News staffer/viewers. Maybe with different ideas, but with similar levels of disregard for critical thought or ethical behavior.

It would totally make sense, then, that the Stranger would be "cultivat[ing] an angry, paranoid, and aggressive audience".
Really, Goldy needs to compliment the NRA more. And Dan Savage needs to be nicer to Tony Perkins. C'mon guys, kisses all around!
I come for the hopeless nihilism, but stay for the radical Marxism! The snark is just icing on the cake.

Regarding the articles the letter writer points out, I would be happy if you actually just ran them again. That person doesn't know shit about shit. That street harassment guide was fucking righteous.
I hate having to share a gender with people as stupid as the letter writer. Women need to stand up to the misogynistic crap floating around. Hell the whole republican party is trying desperately to get women back in the kitchen but Mia here thinks we should just think beautiful thoughts and go back to cooking our man a good dinner.

Maybe more stories about puppies?
Fuck that.
Dominic, With interest find out why and try to discover: Pick the Issue and Support that Cause. Be it women's harassment and abuse (as we all realize abuse presents its self in many forms) or why History seems to repeat its self and possibly why.
Caution: Ladies don't hit your head on the Glass Ceiling or get trampled by the Good Old Boys Clubs searching for discovery.
Maybe another tip on this discovery quest, don't respond with the hostility, harassment and aggression you will meet when you touch that nerve of Denial.
And remember there is a different Definition and Fine Line between Aggression and Assertiveness.
This is the best they can do. Or theres the teabagger times if you want to get brainwashed by the fascist right wing propaganda.
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