Governor Jay Inslee and leaders of the Washington State House and Senate announced a budget deal this morning, just days before a looming government shutdown.

“I am happy and I know we are all relieved to report to you that lawmakers have reached agreement on an operating budget for the next biennium," Inslee said via a prepared statement. “Government operations will not be interrupted ... Washington will be at work Monday.”

You know, except state legislators, who will finally go the fuck home.

Few details of the budget agreement have been released. In fact, according to the Twitter (and the Twitter is never wrong), House members won't even be briefed on the deal until later this afternoon, and according to the Seattle Times, appropriations chair Ross Hunter calls it "'a very delicate agreement' that could still fall apart." So one might reasonably question the definition of the word "deal." (Also, the definition of the word "imminent," which based on Inslee's Monday announcement, now apparently means "three or four days.")

Anyway, the expectation is that a budget could be passed and signed by 5 p.m. tomorrow.

So on the up side, no government shutdown. On the down side, this will surely be a sucky, sucky budget, because compromise!