It begins:

In the summer of 2003, MTV's Making the Video premiered Beyoncé's "Crazy in Love." I was a tenderhearted 20-year-old working at Denny's at the time, and a few of my coworkers gathered together at a friend's house to be mesmerized by Bey's first solo venture. Afterward, my coworkers and I were squealing over the videoand how beautiful our baby queen turned out to be. A few minutes into the discussion, a coworker's boyfriend stuck his thick neck into the convo and uttered the following words out loud: "I guess she's pretty, but I'm not attracted to black girls."

Now, I had never heard anyone dismiss the attraction of an entire race prior to this, and I sure as hot fuck didn't expect Beyoncé to be the catalyst. I snapped at my coworker's boyfriend and told him never to speak out of pocket like that again...

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