• James Yamasaki

In last week's Queer Issue, a bunch of writers looked at the ways that constantly being "connected" are changing queer culture. That group of stories ended with Eli Sanders on the virtues of not relying on the internet for things—things like, say, meeting people. It begins:

That thing where you're at a gay bar, and summer is new, and people are dancing, and everyone's sweating, and a guy you've been watching notices and moves closer. That thing where the two of you then get near enough that your sweat begins to commingle, and then his fly presses against yours, or maybe it was yours that pressed against his first. That thing where it ceases to matter who went first, because what's now being communicated with certainty, through both pairs of pants, is that you'd both like them off, even if that's for later and now is for sticking to each other here on the dance floor, wrapped in music and heat...

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